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Domestic Abuse Services


Domestic abuse is a pervasive problem in society.  IT occurs among all ethnic/cultural/religious groups and in all income levels.  A significant portion of domestic abuse is hidden because it occurs in the home and victims are percent of the children living in homes with domestic abuse are aware of the abuse, even when the parents are certain they have never witnessed the abuse.  Research shows that children in a one where domestic abuse occurs are at greater risk of emotional, psychological and physical harm.  Such children are at risk of psychological, social, behavioral problems; higher rates of academic problems; more physical illnesses, particularly stress-associated disorders; and a great propensity to exhibit aggressive and violent behavior, sometimes carrying violent and abuse-tolerant roles to their adult relationships. Studies have also noted that children are affected to varying degrees by witnessing abuse in their homes, and that each child should be assessed individually.

If you have experienced domestic abuse in your relationship, you are strongly encouraged to obtain assessment, counseling or other available services for yourself and your children.  If you have a limited income or otherwise can not afford such services, financial assistance may be available to cover some or all costs.  The cost of services provided to your children may be apportioned by the court between the parties as it deems appropriate.

Call the following domestic abuse services and potential financial resources available in your area.

  • Statewide services
    DVI-Domestic Violence Initiative
    Assistance for those with disabilitiesAdministration
    (303) 839-5510
  • Arapahoe County
    Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter
    (303) 343-1856
    Crisis Hotline
    (303) 343-1851
  • Franktown Area
    Running Creek Counseling Services
    (303) 688-8231
    Crisis Hotline
    (303) 461-0479
  • Castle Rock
    Women’s Crisis CenterAdministration
    (303) 688-1094
    Crisis Hotline
    (303) 688-8484
  • Denver Metro
    Elder Abuse Prevention Project
    (303) 831-4043
  • Denver
    Asian Pacific Development Center
    (303) 355-0710